Villa Talosa

Cooking Classes & Personal chef at Villa


We live in Italy ……….wich is the Country of  Food Culture&Tourism . Are many years that in our lands people come to discover our sights…….as a souvenir what is more natural that bring back home a little heritage of this Food Culture?

At  Villa Talosa with your Family of Friends group ,we want to create for you all a cooking session with a Personal Chef at home.

A personal Chef will be at Villa to let you learn all the techniques to cook as Italian style and more……as typical Tuscan style !

Cooking classes dedicate to  make handemade pasta,discover all the secrets to cook this so rappresentative italian dish! Imagine a Pizza party ! Or a Fiorentina steak cooking class !

You don’ t want to cook or search a restaurant? We’ve the solution you can book the Personal Chef ….he will cook for you and leave your kitchen perfect at the end of the service! You will relax reading favourite book , or  drinking a glass of wine to the sunset…

Holiday is made of comfort’s details!

Tuscan cuisine is a poor cuisine, but full of incredible flavors