Villa Talosa

Cantina Talosa since 1972


Since 1972


We are pleased to open the doors of our historic wine cellar of 1500 located under one of the most beautiful squares in the world, Piazza Grande apex of the historic center of Montepulciano to raise awareness of the history of this land and its wines to an amateur, passionate and highly specialized.

Work and passion that since 1972 supports the Jacorossi family

Villa Talosa is immersed between the Vineyards of Fattoria della Talosa just in exclusive for the Cliets of the Villa we will have a walk …..through the Vineyards talking about what the nature will suggest us .

We will meet this millennial plant ,that Carthage civilization bring to us in Italy and  with wich we ‘ve been create a symbol of culture.

We will talk about the history and the phases Vines’s life…..through the Seasons ,it’s aroma and coluors.

We will discover what will happen to create a bottle of Vino Nobile di Montepulciano.We will have the possibility  to see this marvellous plant by closer to undestand from where arrive the Wine.

Next step is the visit to the  the Historycal Cellar place in the centre f the Village of Montepulciano . In the Cantina Talosa ‘s tasting room we will prepare as our tasting propouse a nice light lunch to consume in that room ,where during all the tasting experience will be posssible to see the Old barrel by 115 hl .


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